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Wednesday, 10 December 2014

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20th  December 2014

Top Picture: Billy Fury Pantomime Poster
 Middle Picture: Frankie Howard at the London Palladium

 Bottom Picture: The Queen’s first Christmas TV speech.

It’s Christmas so it is time for the Annual Christmas Quiz which is below with the answers being in the You Write section.

The 1960’s Quiz

1.    In July 1969 Mike Collins waited alone while his two companions did what?
2.    1960 was the last year in which you could spend a what?   
3.    In the early 1960’s John Drake was a TV secret agent in which programme?  
4.    Between the late 1950’s and late 1960’s who did the actor Dan Blocker play?
5.    In 1962 who was the first American spy to be exchanged in the Cold War?    
6.    In 1967 Warren Beatty and Faye Dunnaway starred in which famous film?  
7.    Which cigarette advert claimed that you were never alone if you had one? And
8.    What was the name of the piece of music featured in this advert and especially written for it?
9.    Between 1961 and 1962 who had a smash hit with the record Stranger on the Shore?
10.        But this was not the original titled as penned by the composer,. What was that original title
11.        In 1965 the Prime Minister opened Britain’s tallest building. Which building was it?
12.        A well know cartoon character of the 1960 lived with his friends in Jellystone Park. Who was he?
13.        What innovation was first introduced onto aluminium cans in the late 1960’s
14.        Published in 1963 the report called ‘The Reshaping of Britain’s Railways’ became known as what?
15.        On 9th October 1961 there was a massive volcanic eruption on an island in the South Atlantic, which island?
16.        Where, in Wales, was there a tragic mining accident causing many deaths in 1966?
17.        First sung by Frank Sinatra in 1969 which song was in the British charts for 122 weeks?
18.        In 1964 Barbara Hulanicki opened what?
19.        Launched in 1962 the very first communications satellite was called what?
20.        Starting in 1965 Dud and Pete appeared in which BBC entertainment programme?
21.        Published in 1963 the controversial book by Dr John Robinson, the Bishop of Woolwich was called what?
22.        In 1967 which record breaker was killed on Coniston Water in the Lake District?
23.        Launched into space on 12th April 1961 what was the name of the first man in space?
24.        In March 1987 “the greatest peacetime threat to Britain” was the wrecking of which ship?
25.        During the 1960’s who was the famous cartoonist who specialised in ponies?
26.        In 1969 a new type of pedestrian crossing was introduced, what was it called?
27.        One of the most audacious robberies in British history took place in August 1963, what was it?  
28.        What was the name of the first pirate radio station which started broadcasting in March 1964?
29.        In April 1968 which black American Civil Rights leader was assassinated
30.        On 9th April 1969 which maiden flight did Brian Trubshaw pilot

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You (I) Write the answers to the Quiz:

1.    Walked on the Moon
2.    Farthing
3.    Danger Man
4.    Hoss Cartwright in Bonanza
5.    Francis Gary Powers
6.    Bonnie and Clyde
7.    Strand
8.    The Lonely Man
9.    Acker Bilk
10. Jenny
11. Post Office Tower
12. Yogi Bear
13. Ring Pulls
14. The Beeching Report
15. Tristan da Chuna
16. Aberfan
17. My Way
18. Biba
19. Telstar
20. Not only but Also
21. Honest to God
22. Donald Campbell
23. Yuri Gagarin
24. Torrey Canyon
25. Norman Thelwell
26. Pelican
27. The Great Train Robbery
28. Radio Caroline
29. Martin Luther King
30. Concorde 002 Take care

News and Views:

Something different this week, we all hear about the Christmas Number one hits but who remembers those discs that did not quite make to the Top of the Pops only reaching number two. So here is a list of Christmas number two singles 1952-1969

1952  Jo Stafford                                         "You Belong to Me"  
1953  David Whitfield                                        "Answer Me"     
1954  David Whitfield                                        "Santo Natale"   
1955  Bill Haley & His Comets             "Rock Around the Clock"   
1956  Guy Mitchell                                            "Singing the Blues"    
1957 Johnny Otis orch. & Marie Adams "Ma He's Making Eyes at  Me"
1958  Lord Rockingham's XI                            "Hoots Mon"     
1959  Adam Faith                                        "What Do You Want?"       
1960  Elvis Presley                                             "It's Now or Never"    
1961  Frankie Vaughan                                      "Tower of Strength"   
1962  Cliff Richard                             The Next Time"/"Bachelor Boy"         
1963  The Beatles                                               "She Loves You"    
1964  Petula Clark                                              "Downtown"     
1965  Cliff Richard                                    "Wind Me Up (Let Me Go)"
1966  Donovan                                                   "Sunshine Superman"
1967  The Beatles                                           "Magical Mystery Tour"
1968  The Foundations                             "Build Me Up Buttercup"      
      1969  Kenny Rogers                  "Ruby Don't Take Your Love to Town                                         

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